Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sugar Sugar!

My first impression of the operating system called Sugar was fun. I really like the physic game. Hahaha! It was very different compared to windows. The icons was cool but was kind of confusing to understand.

There are many activities to play around with, ones that I liked are the jigsaw puzzle game and the physic game. I think that I would rather use Windows Vista or the new windows 7 instead of Sugar. Sugar still doesn’t use all applications that Windows would be able to use or install.

I think the operating system Sugar is most likely targeted to young children. I think this is because it will be able to help children with their hand co-ordination with the mouse, and about to find letters on the keyboard. Sugar can also get children to learn Maths and English.

1 comment:

  1. the target audience for the xo is ages 6-12

    sugar is new so yes it doesn't have as many apps as windows - but it is free and completely open so you can modify it yourself - we will be doing this