Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Turtle Art

For the last week or so, in Mr Kerr's year 10 Control Technology class have been playing around with an Activity on sugar called Turtle Art. On our second lesson on Turtle Art Mr. Kerr gave us a sheet with 40 different shapes to create using Turtle Art. I went many trouble trying to finish some of the shapes. Some shapes such as normal polygons were easy to draw on Turtle Art. The best shape that I have created is shape number 39.

I based this shape on one of the other shapes that I created before which was a hitler sign. When I completed the shape it turned out to be a window. I sat there thinking what was wrong. I thought that it might of been the pen stroke was to think thats why it turned out to be a window and so I change the pen size to one. There was a lot of commands that is needed to make this shape... Well to me it is.

This is the shape that I have created.

This is a screen shot of the commands that I used to create the shape above.

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  1. I think you are saying that the thicker pen fills in the outer lines and you can't see the shape properly? Anyway good job