Tuesday, November 3, 2009


For the past few lessons in Mr.Kerr's year 10 control tech class, we as students have been working on Etoys, an activity on the operating system called Sugar.

The activity is similar to scratch and and turtle because the point is to make animations using commands. Firstly we started off with the basic by making the car bouncing off the wall in different directions. Then started to make a track so we could steer the car around the track without getting hit by drawing a wheel and adding commands allowing it to move the car. Next was making a race with 2 cars with random speeds and buttons allowing it to start, reset, and stopping at finishing line. Through these activities, I have increased my knowledge on this application.

After completing all that, I worked on the task called the Great Race. This type of race consist of 4 different cars racing on the track with timer on and all cars at different random speeds. I went through a lot of trouble with my track because I just had to draw in sharp corners which made the car went off track occasionally. Therefore I kept editing the track until the sharp corners wasn't so sharp no more. Another problem I had was trying to get other cars to win because if they all were at same random speed then the car closest to the centre of the track will always win. I fixed this by increasing the cars speed if they are further away from the centre of track.

After hard work, this is what I produced...

Here are the scripts that I used for this awesome GREAT RACE!~

My thoughts about Etoys is that it's alright but i still think the scratch program for windows is much for fun in creating animations using commands.

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  1. Great screenshot. Can you also add a screenshot of some of the important scripts.

    I agree that Scratch is more user friendly