Friday, November 6, 2009


One of the lessons of my year 10 Control Tech class, we had a choice of downloading activities for the OS 'Sugar' or get the activities on the L drive of the school.

What we had to do was to try out the activities and then blog about it. I picked the typing turtle activity to blog. There are many levels the first is on the middle row on the keyboard. This activities teaches the user where the keys are on the keyboard allowing them to type faster and maybe be able to type without looking at the keyboard. The first part of each level is to type letters of the row to practice, while the second level is like a game balloons witha word in that row floats up. What you have to do is to type the word before the balloon hits the top of the screen to earn points. The longer you play the faster the balloons float up.

Here is a screenshot of the first level.

Here is a screenshot for the second level.

I rank this activity 4/5 stars and I recommended it to all ages after 4 years. This activity is very helpful in teaching the users how to type fast and more accurate. It can also teach users how to type without looking at the keyboard which can be helpful with everyday life.

In my opinion, the positive points towards this activity is that it is easy to understand of what is needed to do in the activity. I havn't found any bugs in this activity yet and the best part of this activity is that it is FREE!~ xD

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