Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Part Two: User Interface (Sugar Evaluation)

Complete a variety of labelled screenshots which illustrate the differences between these user interfaces.

Windows (WIMP – windows, icons, menus, pointers – as in MSOffice 2003)

Windows (ribbons, contextual tabs, galleries – as in MSOffice 2007)

Sugar (Frame replaces menubar, Journal replaces file system hierarchy, Community – didn’t work for us,)

Linux command line (similar to DOS)

I prefer to to use Windows more because its the only operating system that I have been using my whole life until this year I discovered other operating systems.

I rate Windows first because I've been using my life so I am more familiar with its interface.Next would be Sugar on my list because Ive been working on it in class but I still think the windows interface is better.Lastly would be Linux althought it looks good I just havn't actually used it so far in life.

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